White Cloud Cigarettes Review

Reasons why I choose White Cloud Cigarettes as my Brand of Choice

As a smoker of many years I have tried out many different e cigarettes available on the market today. As I attend many social functions and lead a busy social life I was looking for an alternative to smoking opposed to my usual cigarettes. When I decided to purchase White Cloud Cigarettes after the recommendation of a close colleague I was pleasantly surprised at what this e cigarette had to offer me.

The Advantages I found in the White Cloud Cigarettes:

  • The e cigarette offered me a very smooth draw
  • The vapor production was high
  • The battery life lasted a long time
  • Quality control in the 3 step cartridge system
  • Shotgun tips
  • There are various nicotine levels to choose from

The Disadvantages I found in the White Cloud Cigarettes:

  • There were no options to operate the cigarette manually
  • I can’t gradually reduce my nicotine levels as there are big gaps between the nicotine strengths.

Overall I found that White Cloud Cigarettes offered me a high quality experience in alternative smoking. The vapor production is more than adequate and the battery life meant I could use the cigarette nearly the whole day before having to recharge.

Additionally I was offered with a wide variety of interesting flavors that I found tasted really good. I was also looking for an e cigarette that could offer me the right nicotine levels to keep me satisfied and at the same time the cigarette needed to offer me a high vapor output to mimic like real smoke. I found this in the White Cloud Cigarettes and at the same time I immensely enjoyed the flavor of the e cigarette.

One of the other reasons I preferred this brand is that I found out that the manufacturers chose facilities of high regard to subject and test each and every cartridge and battery before it is released for sales to the public. They are constantly researching ways to improve on the brand and this makes me feel confident that I have invested in a good brand.

White Cloud Variety KitI chose their Cirrus Variety Kit to start off with. The kit included three batteries, five cartridges, wall adapter and a USB charger. I chose the option of the Cirrus Variety Kit as I thought it has all the options I may need in an electronic cigarette. It is advisable that anyone does some research before investing in an electronic cigarette to ensure it offers you what you are looking for.

The main reason I have decided that White Cloud Cigarettes were the best for me was the nicotine levels they present. There are six strengths to choose from and these include nicotine free, the Ultra Light level that has 6mg of nicotine. The next level is the Light this cigarette offers 16mg and then the Full that has 24mg. I haven’t tried the next two levels yet but they boast an impressive 36mg on the Extra and 54mg on the Double Extra.

The White Cloud Cigarettes offer a much higher nicotine level than nearly all the other brands available today. So if you are a heavy smoker you will find that this product will be able to satisfy your craving for nicotine.

An impressive attribute of this product is the vapor that is produced when I use it. I find the vapor clouds offer me an awesome smoking-like experience. The combination of the pull and the exhaling of the mist makes me feel almost like I am smoking a real cigarette. There is virtually no compromise on the sensation I have experienced when smoking my White Cloud Cigarettes.White Cloud Cigarettes

One of my favorites about this e cigarette is the amazing flavors on offer. I spent the first week trying each and every flavor and now have two favorites in place. These flavors include three tobacco flavor cartridges and these come in Regular, Bora Bora and Apache.

I am not a fan of menthol cigarettes but I must say the two Menthol flavors were a pleasant surprise. The fruit flavors topped my list with Peach Pit, Strawberry, Bad Apple, Coconut and Lime. Some other interesting flavors to try are the Honey and Cinnamon, Clove and Chili Pepper Diablo.

The sweet flavors were really a treat and I loved the Espresso and Chocolate and Vanilla. Smoking my e cig has now become an exciting part of my day as I have so many different flavors to choose from.

I found that the batteries are designed well and you have the choice of brushed metal or plain white. The tips come in grey, crystal or black and these light up on inhalation and glow a fiery orange color. The two piece design screws together well and functions automatically. There are various skins to choose for your electronic cigarette to customize the product to your liking.

I found that the battery life was great on my e cigarette the short option on the Cirrus 3 lasts around 200 puffs this is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes. The other brand known as the Cirrus 2 lasts on average about 280 puffs. And then you get the Cirrus 3X that has been said to last up to 600 puffs.

When I go out I don’t even need to take a spare with me as the battery life really goes a long way. To charge the white cloud cigarettes I either use my laptop with the USB charger or I plug it into the wall. It usually doesn’t take longer than three hours to be fully charged.

The manufacturing standards are excellent on this product as it carries the stamp of approval from CE and RoHs on each kit. I was truly impressed with the warranty that came along with my White Cloud Cigarettes.

I decided to extend my warranty from the usual six months to the two year option and I found the option to be worth every dollar that I spent on the product. I feel that the product offered me a reliable way to replace my usual smoking of normal cigarettes and overall it has saved me several hundred dollars in just about 4 months compared to my old nasty cigs. See for yourself at their official website here… www.whitecloudelectroniccigarettes.com

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