V2 Cigs Review The Ultimate Starter Kit

I was able to quit smoking tobacco, thanks to the e-cigarette. Out of all the e-cig brands in the market, V2 Cigs is my favorite brand. The company is claiming that they are the leaders in the e-cigarette market right now. Since, there are also some good V2 Cigs reviews on the web, I thought of coming out with my unbiased review about the V2 Cigs e-cigarette.


I ordered the V2 Cigs ultimate starter kit last week. It was delivered to me yesterday. This is the best package that the company has to offer to its clientele. The package is worth every penny spent on it. I received the below items with my ultimate starter kit from V2 Cigs.

– 25 Atomizers (5 X 5 mix flavor packs)
– AC adapter (1A)
– Car adapter (1A)
– 3 Batteries
– Carrying case
– Charging case
– USB Charger
– 5V USB Pass-Through

The total package is priced at $159.95, but there are many discount coupons available online. You can do a Google search for these discount coupons. For the purpose of this V2 Cigs review, I will elaborate on each of the items listed above. Once I finish this review, you will have a thorough idea about all the items that would come with the ultimate starter kit.

The V2 Cigs batteries come in four different colors. Silver, blue, black and white are the colors of the batteries. it would help to customize your experience with the V2 Cigs e-cigarette. The batteries are either manual or automatic and comes in three different sizes. I prefer the automatic batteries, since it activates easily when I take a puff. You don’t need to struggle to get the batteries activated as with most of the auto batteries of other competitive brands. Also, I will not waste time pre-heating the coils, before a puff. It helped me to get a pleasant Vape sooner than I expected.

blue e cigarette batteries black e cigarette batteries stainless steal e cigarette batteries

The manual batteries are not my favorite. The activation switches are hard plastic and it seems a little bit cheap for a brand like this. Also, the manual batteries are not that responsive and I had to play with it a little bit to get the switch turned on. The V2 Cigs brand has 3 different sizes of their batteries. The standard length is offering 220mAh of capacity. The largest version is the XL version, which has a 320mAh capacity. The other size is the shortest battery, which is 100mm in length and 150mAh of capacity. The smallest battery will give you a 3-4 hour duration of puffs, which is fairly OK for such a battery.

USB E Cigarette passthrough

The 5V USB Pass Through aka V2 Power Cig has some features that really surprised me. The first important feature is that it has 5.1V, a considerably higher voltage amount than the other regular batteries. It helps to produce more of the warm thick vapor. I am a fan of a high vapor concentration and if you are too, this is a real treat for us. The other important feature is the sturdy built quality of it. It is much better quality than the 510 style pass-through’s. The V2 Power Cig has a hard boot like thing protecting the wire at the end of the e-cigarette. The wire is also very flexible and thick in nature. The wire coating is made of rubber and it guarantees the flexibility of the whole thing. You will never have to worry about a dead battery with this pass-through as well.

flavor variety pack 10 flavor sampler pack Red Label Cartomizers

The V2 Atomizers aka Cartomizers aka Cartridges come in a variety of flavors and different nicotine levels. The lowest nicotine level is zero, while the maximum amount is 18mg. There are 10 different flavors such as vanilla, cherry, cola and menthol. Every cartridge is colored according to its flavor. The only difference is that the peppermint flavored cartridge is colored in pink. Even though most of the V2 Cig reviews and the company itself, claims that one of their cartridges is equal to a packet of cigarettes, I did not find it to be so. It was a little less than that. At the most, it would last for 15-18 cigarettes from what I could tell.

This model of V2 Cigs, does not offer a separate refill liquid. The caps at the end of the atomizers/cartomizers are made of silicone unlike in most of the other brands that have a hard plastic. It was simple to remove these caps. Once they were removed, I found an inner silicone ring in most of the cartridges. This silicone ring can be pulled out to check the filler material. In order to refill these caps, you must simply drip the e-liquid into these fillers. The cartomizers are extremely lightweight and designed as a bottom coil version. The bottom coil design has helped the V2 Cig e-cigarette to perform exceptionally well, more than most of the competing brands.

The vapor production of the V2 Cigs brand is of high quality, thicker, and warmer compared to most other brands. The flavors are dependent on each individual. I for one, prefer most of the flavors that the V2 Cigs has to offer. The number one flavor for me is the vanilla flavor, because it gives me a high quality Vape. The unique features of the V2 Cigs are the short battery and the V2 Power Cig. For folks like me, who want more of everything, the V2 Cigs ultimate starter kit is the best option available as well as the best bang for your bucks when first starting out with electronic cigarettes.

The Pros of the V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit

– The USB Pass-Through offering
– Color coded atomizers
– Excellent auto batteries that are responsive
– Excellent battery life
– Good performance and size
– Lightweight atomizers
– The smallest battery compared to other brands
– Ordering can be done through the website
– Customization of the e-cig with different batteries & cartomizers.

The Cons of the V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit

– The manual battery button looks a bit cheap although function is fine
– Charging case is a little bulky in size compared to regular pack of cigarettes
– The ultimate kit is a bit expensive up front

All in all, I can recommend the V2 Cigs ultimate starter kit, as a brand that is fully worth every penny that you spend on it. Visit their official website here… www.v2cigs.com

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