Green Smoke Cigarette Review

Green Smoke Cigarette Review

Green Smoke Reviews

A Green Smoke cigarette will allow you have have the pleasure of a realistic smoking experience without the problems associated with conventional cigarettes, like annoying second hand smoke and the lingering odor on your clothing and breath. E-cigarettes from Green Smoke won’t leave your automobile and home with the aroma of an ashtray. Since you aren’t lighting anything, there is also no danger of fire if you nod off while smoking.

Every cartridge is equivalent to approximately thirty cigarettes. The vapor, which is rich and smoke-like has a rich, full-bodied, and smooth flavor that will provide you with a smoking experience that is pleasurable, even when you are in a location where smoking is prohibited. In order to use a Green Smoke e-cigarette all you need to do is to attach a battery to the Cartomizer and enjoy your smoke. After the cartridge is depleted, you can unscrew it and screw on a new Cartomizer.

Green Smoke’s Style And PackagingGreen Smoke Pro Kit

The box sold by Green Smoke has an olive color and it can almost be mistaken for a herbal tea package, since it has a leaf logo.

Green Smoke sells five different kind of kits. The Express Kit was created for an occasional smoker and it is the least expensive way to start using Green Smoke. This kit includes five cartomizers, one USB cigarette, a USB charge, wall adapter, and one battery.

Green Smoke’s Pro Starter Kit is it’s best selling product. With this kit you get ten cartomizers, a USB charger, wall adapter, car adapter, and two batteries. If you want to double the amount of items in the Pro Starter Kit, you can purchase a Love Birds Kit, so you can enjoy it with someone special.

If you purchase an Ultimate Kit you will get the entire contents of the Pro Starter Kit and three batteries, instead of two, and a leather case for carrying your batteries and cartomizers.

If you want to sample a Green Smoke cigarette but you don’t want to buy a whole kit, you can try a six-pack of disposable vapors, Each Vapors e-cigarette will provide you with a volume of smoke that is equivalent to one and a half packs of conventional cigarettes. This is a very good gift idea for smokers that you know, and Vapors can be purchased in menthol ice or absolute tobacco flavors in a strength of 1.8% nicotine.

If you are already the owner of a Green Smoke e-cigarette and you want to share it with friends, you can buy rubber tips that are attachable to your Green Smoke cigarette. You can purchase twenty five rubber tips for about $5.00.

You can buy additional Green Smoke cartomizer packs in bundles ranging from four to sixteen packs per bundle. Every pack has five cartomizers in it, and each cartomizer is equivalent to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.

Green Smoke’s Vapor And FlavorGreen Smoke Ultimate Kit

A cartomizer is the combination of a cartridge with an atomizer. The cartridge contains the nicotine and the atomizer vaporizes the fluid into a mist that is flavorful. In older models the atomizer and cartridge were housed in separate units, which causes heating elements to get clogged and produced a smoking experience that was inferior.

Green Smoke was a pioneer of the one piece design for cartomizers. The cartomizer design was further enhanced with the creation of FlavorMax in 2011. FlavorMax was a significant improvement and it increased the quality and life of the cartridge.

A cartomizer will remain fresh for about two weeks after the removal of the seal and rubber plug. A cartomizer can last for about 18 months it is is unopened and stored in a refrigerator. Green Smoke’s vapor contains glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine.

Green Smoke cigarette cartomizers are available in tobacco gold, absolute tobacco, tobacco red label, smooth chocolate, methol vanilla dreams, and mocha mist flavors. Absolute tobacco will provide users with a bold flavor that natural tobacco has, and red flavor adds a woody type flavor to absolute tobacco. Tobacco Gold has a blend of oriental, Virginia, and burley flavors and it has a taste that has similarities to a cigar.

The taste and vapor of a Green Smoke cigarette is quite realistic. Menthol ice has a refreshing, and strong mint taste to it and red label is similar to smoking a Marlboro red cigarette. Mocha and chocolate flavors taste like a mocha coffee and Hershey’s chocolate bar, respectively.

Nicotine concentration varies from strong, which is 2.4% nicotine all the way down to zero, which has no nicotine at all. With strengths of 1.8%, 1.2%, and 0.6% also available. Visit Green Smoke at their official online website here…

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