Green Smoke Affiliate Program

Green Smoke Affiliate Program

green smoke affiliate program

If you are an affiliate marketer or looking for ways to make extra money there is a new program that you should consider adding to your marketing efforts. It combines the incredibly popular e-cigarette niche with a great affiliate program. You can become a Green Smoke affiliate and promote their popular e-cigarette program on a website, in an email list or any other online marketing funnel you have created. But, it does not stop with online marketing. There are also opportunities for offline marketers to promote this great program as well. Before talking more about the Green Smoke affiliate program, it is best to talk a bit about the e-cigarette niche.

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are a safer way to smoke cigarettes. They have many advantages over traditional cigarettes with health benefits being at the top of the list. Electronic cigarettes operate on a battery. The device will atomize nicotine contained in a capsule using water and steam. The smoker will still get their nicotine fix without all the negative chemicals, like tar and other carcinogens, found in typical cigarettes. Another advantage for the smoker is that they will not get the yellow teeth or fingertips they get from other cigarettes.

Passive smokers will also appreciate the electronic cigarette because they will no longer be bothered by the smell and odor of cigarettes. All that comes out of the e cigarette is a water-based vapor that is practically odorless.

One other advantage of the electronic cigarette is its safety factor. Since it runs on a battery it does not require a flame to light it. Furthermore, there is no flame at the end. So, there are no more concerns with accidental fires that are started from regular cigarettes.

If you think about the amount of people that smoke in the world today and combine with the benefits of electronic cigarettes you can quickly see the potential of this niche. It is perfect for the smoker who doesn’t want to, or can’t, quit smoking, but wants a better alternative. The potential of that is large and stands to be very lucrative.

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How Does The Green Smoke Affiliate Program Work?

Now, let us talk a bit about the Green Smoke affiliate program. As mentioned it is setup for online marketers and offline marketers. For the offline marketer they will provide promotional materials. These materials can be used to market to friends, family and even local businesses. The online marketer will also be given access to the offline promotional materials should they want to promote offline as well.

The cookie on the online program is 120 days. That means if someone visits your site, and goes to Green Smoke you will earn commission if they make a decision within 120 days. They do not even have to come back to your site in that time. They will also provide you with banners and web content for you to use on your website, and in your online promotion efforts. Go ahead and take a look at my Green Smoke Review for a good example.

One of the best parts of the program is that you will receive commissions for the life of the customer. This is a residual business because the customer will be buying refills regularly. And, the average order is about $20. So, you can quickly see the earning potential of this market. If you can get a number of customers ordering every month then you can be making a regular pay check with little effort.

Green smoke has a good conversion rate as well. The typical conversion rate is between 13% and 16% currently. So, if you send 100 customers to the Green Smoke site you can expect 13 to 16 new customers from the traffic. They are filling the need of a hungry market and all you have to do is promote the product for them.

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You Can Make A Passive Income With The Green Smoke Affiliate Program

The Green Smoke affiliate program is one that anyone with online marketing experience should consider. It is a big player in a very lucrative and popular niche. If you are experienced with online marketing, or even offline marketing, then this could be a good program for you to be involved with. Moreover, if you are already promoting an electronic cigarette niche then you will want to check out Green Smoke. It is a good seller, and the benefits of being an affiliate are second to none in the niche.

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