Flavors Of E Cigarettes

These flavors can be more enjoyable than what you’d find on traditional cigarettes. Why don’t all smokers just switch to these e cigarettes?

One of the reasons why it is better for you to use a safer e cigarette instead of a dangerous real cigarette is that an e cigarette can come in many flavors. These flavors can be more enjoyable than what you’d find on traditional cigarettes.

Traditional cigarettes do not have too many special flavors in them. You might find a number of tobacco or menthol flavors in traditional cigarettes. In fact, it is next to impossible to find cigarettes that feature different kinds of flavors. This is unless you are willing to spend a massive amount of money on these cigarettes.

The variety that you’d find with real cigarettes is nowhere near as great as what you’d find with e cigarettes. These safer cigarettes will feature many different choices for you to use.

The reason why you can get more flavors out of e cigarettes is because these cigarettes can contain their flavorings in their cartridges. A cartridge will attach itself to a larger battery on the cigarette. This will be used to provide the user with a flavor out of the e cigarette. The cartridge will only last for a limited amount of time. Most cartridges will have the same lifespan as an average pack of cigarettes.

e cigarette flavors

Some cartridges can also be refilled. This is where you’d have to take a flavoring liquid and pour it into a cartridge if it is going to work.

The flavors that you can find are great to see. You might find some traditional menthol flavors in some e cigarettes. Menthol is a compound that comes from peppermint herbs. This natural substance is often used in cigarettes but can be harmful to the body. It can prompt the body to use more nicotine.

You will not have to worry about this side effect when using menthol in an e cigarette. You’ll instead feel a minty flavor. This is much easier for the body to handle.

You can find all sorts of fruit flavors in an e cigarette as well. Some of the most popular types of flavors can include apple, strawberry, cherry and blueberry. The fruit flavors that you can find will vary by each e cigarette company.

Specialty flavors can be found through many different e cigarette manufacturers. Many companies will make e cigarette cartridges with chocolate or vanilla flavors. Coffee flavors have become especially popular among those who want to enjoy a revitalizing taste in the morning. Some specialty flavors can include special candy flavors that are similar to what you would find in some pastries.

There are a few cases where you might come across some regular flavored cartridges. These flavors will be made with styles that are close to what you would find in real cigarettes. The key difference is that the flavors in e cigarettes will not contain any nicotine in them. This means that they will not harm your body at a substantial rate.

The flavors that you can find when looking for options for an e cigarette are great to see. These flavors can be found in a variety of styles for all e cigarette users. The variety that you can get is much greater than what you might find with real cigarettes.

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  1. I quit smoking the day i got my V2 in Oct 2011. I started feeling horrible about 60 days after I quit. I was scared that I was going to have to give up vaping! But, after having several different docs say they couldn’t find anything, I started looking online. I found that many people who have quit smoking began suffering the same “pains” a few months after quitting. (Mine is mainly a Lump in the Throat feeling). I am certain that my pain is due to the fact that I quit smoking…not due to the fact that I started vaping! It was such a relief to finally figure that out! I am confident this “Lump” feeling will go away with time…

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