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Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or vaporizer cigarettes are an alternative if you are a tobacco smoker and do not wish to inhale smoke. E-cigarettes provide a similar sensation to the inhalation of tobacco smoke but without the combustion. The majority of electronic cigarettes are re-usable with replacement or refillable cartridges widely available. With demand for e-cigarettes growing as increasing awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco smoke gathers pace, retailers specializing in electronic cigarettes are establishing a foothold. Vapor Couture is one such online retailer that is making strong inroads in this growing market.

Vapor Couture has a niche in the electronic cigarette market in that it’s offering is specifically targeted at women. Launched by VMR products, Vapor Couture sits alongside the other members of the “family,”V2 Cigs and Vantage Vapor. VMR is different to many retailers in that it takes an active part in the design and manufacture of its e-cigarettes, compared to other electronic cigarette companies which tend to outsource their products.

Vapor Couture e-cigarettes are stylish and have been carefully designed to match with the tastes of the elegant lady. The cigarette is available in four different battery colors and four different cartridge colors. You can mix and match to provide the perfect accompaniment for a particular look or style. All of the vapour cigarettes have a jewel tip at the end of the battery; Vapor Couture (VC) markets their product, not just as a product but also as a beautiful fashion accessory.

Vapor cartridges offered by VC are available in six flavors. The flavors have been created partly to resemble the taste of famous tobacco brands to target tobacco smokers. If you want to recreate the happy memories of smoking Marlboro, Winston or Lucky Strike then the Rodeo Drive flavor is for you. The Bombshell flavour replicates the Turkish blend of Camel and Kent and Fresh Mint seeks to offer a tried and tested flavour for Menthol smokers. The other half of the range contains flavors that have been created to provide a completely new experience to the palate. This includes passion fruit, strawberry champagne and an arctic mint flavoured vapor cigarette. All the e-cigarettes are available in four strengths ranging from the strongest with 1.8% nicotine to the weakest containing 0% nicotine.

If you are looking to try e-cigarettes, Vapor Couture offers an “Essentials Kit.” The kit retails at 64.95 dollars and comes complete with two automatic batteries, five packs of flavored cartridges and a charger kit. You are in complete control and can select the battery and cartridge colors that you would like to match together. The “VC Deluxe Kit” is different to the “Essential Kit” in that it comes with the clutch bag of your choice as an additional extra and retails at 99.95 dollars. Vapor Couture reviews for both kits have been overall positive with comments including how light the batteries are compared to other e-cigarette brands as well as the freshness of the flavors.

Alternatively you can purchase just a battery and a cartridge in the colors of your choice. The cartridges retail at 12.95 dollars and the batteries at 19.95 dollars. The strawberry champagne flavour has been given good Vapor Couture reviews with reference being made to the refreshing taste but the most popular flavour is passion fruit with comments referring to the light and succulent flavor as well as the sweetness and nice smell.

As well as e-cigarettes, Vapor Couture offers a wide range of accessories for the discerning vapor smoker. Accessories include the beautiful VC clutch which is available from just 39.95 dollars in three different colors; the color options on offer are black, bronze and brown. It features a contemporary design with a special space specifically for storing your e-cigarette batteries and your extra flavored cartridges. Of course, it would not be a clutch if no space was available for those essential such as a mirror and credit card pocket.

VC offers a range of bracelets and charms. They retail from 12.95 dollars and have a rather clever feature which is a slot allowing you to dangle your VC battery from your charm. The bracelet is available in four different colors including metallic purple, dark silver, metallic pink and black. For extra dazzle you can add extra charms to any bracelet.

For any vapor smoker, a charger kit is an important accessory and VC offers its very own branded kit. The VC charger and adapter kit is available at 19.95 dollars and together with the ability to charge from a USB port means that you will never run out of power when it comes to keeping your e-cigarettes fully charged up and ready for immediately use.

Vapor Couture offers an interesting rewards program called Smoke 4 Free. It works to reduce your monthly e-smoking costs by offering reductions if as an e-smoker you successfully refer friends to the Vapor Couture range of vapor cigarettes. You also have the option of working together with Vapor Couture as an affiliate; this could really reduce the cost of your monthly vapour smoking – more information about affiliate programs is available on their website.

Vapor Couture is very stringent when it comes to maintaining the quality of their brand and the quality of their product. You will find that every Vapor Couture product has been carefully designed by engineers based in the company factories in California, Florida and overseas. All products undergo a strict quality control on a daily basis with Vapor Couture cartridges being tested to ensure consistency across the range. They are much more than a typical e-cigarette company that just puts a logo on a product.

As electronic cigarettes continue to gain in popularity, online retailers such as VC will continue to gain in popularity especially with strong Vapor Couture reviews. It is not just the absence of of unhealthy tobacco smoke that is enticing women it is the thought of smoking something that is a very nice fashion accessory that is equally enticing.

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