Electric Cigarette Reviews Include Cartridge Reviews

electric cigarette cartridges


Cartridges are the lifeblood of any electric cigarette. The cartridge is what gives a cigarette the realistic flavor that a user should expect to get out of it. All electronic cigarettes use their own types of cartridges though. This is why all electric cigarette reviews should include details on what people are getting out of these cartridges.


These points about cartridges involve more than just the flavors they have. They also include how the cartridge is to be used.


How it is Built


The way how a cartridge is built is one of the first things reported on in electric cigarette reviews. It has to be designed to fit well and to keep it looking realistic alongside the rest of the cigarette’s parts. The cartridge’s design can be measured with several different factors including the following:


  • Whether or not it has to be screwed in or snapped on
  • The appearance of the cartridge and what its outside texture is like
  • Whether or not an atomizer is built into the cartridge;  sometimes the atomizer is included while in other cases it is separate and used between the battery and the cartridge


The Fluid Should Also Be Reviewed


The fluid that works inside one of these cartridges needs to be seen carefully as well. The fluid should be analyzed carefully in a review with regards to a variety of key points. These points include such things as these:


  • The density of the fluid should be seen to determine if the fluid has enough substance to create a good flavor.
  • The consistency also has to be seen. This is to determine if the cigarette will create a consistent flavor from the start of its use all the way to the end.
  • The amount of material used here should also be checked on. Many cigarettes have enough fluid in their cartridges to where one cartridge will last for the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes.


What are the Ingredients?


A number of electric cigarette reviews also report on details relating to how well the ingredients in a cigarette are made. These ingredients can heavily influence the quality of a cigarette and should be checked on when finding something of use. Some of the ingredients that are listed in electronic cigarette reviews include the following


  • Distilled water;  a review should especially tell how pure the water is
  • Nicotine and the amount that a cartridge can handle; some companies make cartridges that can use as much as 16 mg of nicotine
  • The flavors used in a cartridge including both natural and artificial flavors
  • Citric acid and any other preservatives that are used in the cartridge to keep the flavor intact


The details on cartridges in electric cigarette reviews have to be seen when finding information on what makes a cigarette so useful. An e cigarette review has to include this information because a good electronic cigarette will not work without an appropriate cartridge. The cartridge can make or break the quality of the cigarette in general.

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